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Messy Creations - dirty hole outdoor party

Messy Creations - dirty hole outdoor party
Event Date: 
21/04/2012 (All day) - 22/04/2012 (All day)

Pull out the rug from the carpet metropolis and escape prying eye of the city. Unplug from capsular, hyper-individualism and find feculence in salacious messyness. Claw into the crevice of gruesome grotesque!

  • We will have toilets at the site
  • Heated chill out marquee next to the dancefloor
  • Please take all your rubbish with you! At NYE we had to remove 8 bags of rubbish from the site. It's no fun for us trying to load dripping garbage bags ontop of thousands of dollars worth of a/v equipment.

Messy NYE free party

Messy NYE free party
Event Date: 
31/12/2011 (All day)

Escape the over-hyped, over-priced NYE scene this new years and have fun with your messy friends for FREE!
Feel the wind mess your hair in an outdoor location that looks and feels like its 100kms out of town, but really is just around the corner ;)

ART vs TRASH : Jesper Dahlback with support from Mbug, SDF1 and Pat Stormont

ART vs TRASH : Jesper Dahlback with support from Mbug, SDF1 and Pat Stormont
Event Date: 
10/06/2011 (All day)


Pulling together an absolutely massive lineup of electronic music’s finest talent from across the globe including classic Swedish techno legend Jesper Dahlback alongside a huge array of local and interstate crew uniquely wrapped up, packaged, coloured in with crayon and sent down the chute with a kiss.

NYE@Epsylum gets Messy - Get Ya Freak On

NYE@Epsylum gets Messy - Get Ya Freak On
Event Date: 
31/12/2010 - 3pm

Online ticket sales finished. Tickets still available on the gate for $50.00. If you purchased in the last 24 hours directions will be emailed to you this morning. Any problems call 0422 087 817.

Have an awesome 2011!

Messy Creations Tenth Birthday - Decade of Mess Saturday 13th of November

Messy Creations Tenth Birthday - Decade of Mess Saturday 13th of November
Event Date: 
13/11/2010 - 10pm

Messy is turning ten! Time to pop the cork off your favorite bottle of pink champagne, and toast till dawn to our first fabulous decade of decadence!

Remember 2000, the dawning of a new millennium, the dot-com bubble and the y2k bug? Airplanes, mitsis, and crowns, che and daffys, wonky wear and renegade were all the rave.

Ten years ago, Messy came to life in a small warehouse in Lesley st, Brunswick. Andy Warhol was wrong - we smashed the fifteen minute hall of fame - all night we were superstars. From that magical night on, our Messy Creation grew, taking on a life of its own.

Trashed begot Too Trashed. From there, grew Fucking Trashed and Cheap Trash. Small, intimate, fun, unique warehouse parties became synonymous with Messy Creations. Friendships deepened and our circle grew. Off-shoots Chapel and Messy Sessions sprung up, as did many memorable (or not? ;) ) collaborations with crews like Filter, Virus, AKA and Synchronicity.

To celebrate the massive tenth birthday milestone, we have found a warehouse which is more a ware-home, nestled deep in Collingwood's industrial quarter. Like a virgin, not yet used for a party of this kind, it is ripe to come to fruition as the place where we will celebrate ten years of Mess, and rock its world.

Be quick, limited capacity! Venue location will be printed on the ticket.


Online ticket sales are closed. Over 300 tickets have been sold and warehouse capacity is around 400. Limited tickets available on the door if your early. Address has been emailed to you if you rsvpd on facebook or are a mailing list subscriber

Rest in Party Markus - this Sunday the 12th of September

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The Renegade is ON!

Noisy Illegal Rave Party 11am Sunday - you know where

Messy Creations Christmas Night Warehouse Party

Event Date: 
25/12/2009 - 9pm
Messy Creations has secured a warehouse for Christmas night. It's slightly south of the river though only a km or so, five minutes walk from South Yarra train station. Well be rocking from 9pm so when you have had enough Turkey and Uncle Lewis has done your head in come an celebrate Christmas with your mates messy style! More details to be confirmed in the next couple of days sign-up to the event or the messy creations mailing list to stay in the loop.

Messy Creations 9th Birthday Photos Up Now

Some photos online now from the party. Thanks Rita! If you have some photos of the gig or the last gig at Dazzeland please get in touch by emailing, free entry to the next gig for people who contribute photos to the site.


Messy Creations Ninth Birthday

Warehouse party - Saturday October 3rd

Its birthday time again! Warming up for the big one next year. More information in the next couple of days, put it in your diary:-)

Somehow, after all the burnt synapses, failing livers, knee and hip replacements, hair regrowth surgery, botox, bedpans, pregnancy scares and zombie virus infections grandma Messy's ole pacemaker is still beating on. After a few jump starts with the home-made defibrilator, the batteries have finally been replaced she's ready to celebrate another year of shonky backroom deals and wonky frontroom booty shaking at bargain basement prices.

Come join us on October 3rd as the resident purveyors of fine trash get up for another dance as we drive blindly onwards into the ever impeding doom that is one full decade of Messiness. messy ninth birthday flyer

Discoteca De Los Muertos

Messy Creations Warehouse Party - Friday 17th of July

For all those who'd never known the joys of autoerotic asphyxiation if it weren't for Michael Hutchence and David Carradine, take the Tijuana Taxi south of the border. Here, amongst the shantytown colonias, nestles a coven of glamour, passed yet still present.

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